CC Learning Connect

About CC Learning Connect

The CC Learning Connect plugin uses a number of associated slugs for providing dynamic content and functionality to the CCL website. This plugin and the Course Sales plugin complement each other in their operation.

The list of available slugs and their functions are listed below.

[cclformresult] On form submission, decides whether an enquiry form or a booking form and displays the appropriate result.
[ccldisplayref] Displays the DocumentExternalId
[cclpayresult] Indicates the result of the payment and updates the document status.
[cclbookingpaymentlink] Link to the payment page.
[cclpaymentform] Provides the payment form within the WP structure
[cclgetcoursedateid] Provides course date information with a booking form link for a particular course
[cclgetnewsletter] Provides the appropriate newsletter page (as specified by parameters)
[cclgetnewslist] Provides a list of available newsletters


  • Some are used on more than one page.
  • Some functions may be corrected by the Course Sales plugin in future releases.