General Information

PMNetPak is a software solution for Internet gateways and servers, based on RedHat Linux or its alternative, Centos Linux , which run on standard PC hardware. Advantages? Hardware captial costs, installation costs and maintenance costs are all low, and the capital cost of software is nil, being based on Open Source and the Gnu Public License. This also minimises the cost of system support.
PMNetPak offer varied options to allow businesses (or home users) control of how they use their connections to the Internet.

Major features of PMNetPak are

  • Supports ADSL and Cable Internet connections
  • Security – complete control of access between your private network and the Internet
  • Email – external and internal, with complete antivirus and antispamming scanning of all messages
  • Web Hosting – external and internal
  • Sql Database services
  • Not based on Microsoft(R) Windows(R) (most viruses, hacking etc is aimed at the Windows(R) platform)
  • Uses customer supplied hardware such as a spare PC.

Services provided by PMNetPak are bundled as


  • Internet access via ADSL or cable modem
  • Firewalling – controlling incoming access to your network from the Internet
  • Proxy services – controlling outgoing access from users on your network to the Internet
  • Internal Email – mail generated within your network for users on your network does not go on your Internet connection.
  • External Email (in) – collected and distributed by the system to individual accounts
  • External Email (out) – sent from the system or from individual users
  • Antivirus and antispamming scanning for all or selected emails
  • Internal web hosting – provide browser based services for your private network only

(Basic plus)

  • Domain Name hosting
  • External Email (in) – received directly by the system from other mail servers
  • External Email (out) – sent directly by the system to other mail servers
  • External Web hosting – host
  • Antivirus scanning for incoming web downloads

(Extended plus)

  • File and print services
  • Database services