Linux Options

Key Benefits

  • Price. Apart from support, Linux is free
  • Power. Linux can run on smaller systems.
  • Versatile. Linux can run everything the other OS’s can, plus more



  • File services
  • Print services
  • Email services
  • Fax services
  • Internet connection services
  • Fully secure firewall services
  • Proxy services
  • Virus detection for incoming and outgoing emails
  • Virus detection for downloads
  • Web site services
  • FTP services
  • Spam detection for incoming emails
  • Controlled internet access for your staff
  • Database services
  • Domain naming services
  • Interactivity with Windows servers and workstations
Price is right
Linux is free. Free to download, free to run, no licenses required.
Powerful stuff
You can load a fully working Linux server onto machines much less powerful than needed for other OS’s. Example, we could installCentos Linux onto a Pentium III with 256MB RAM, and a 10Gb Hard Drive.
Versatility is the key
With a couple of other free applications and a standard install of Centos Linux (open source version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) your server can provide these features.